Best Holiday Gifts for 2016

Holiday Gifts

Check out some of the best holiday gifts we’ve found for 2016!

Oh Baby, it’s getting cold outside and that means the holidays are right around the corner! We’ve compiled a list of the best gift ideas for 2016 this year and want to share them with you! Whether your looking for an idea for your mom, sister, teen or the men in your life, be sure to check out the best holiday gift ideas in our Holiday Gift Guide!

Just a few of our “Holiday Gift’ favorites…

Holiday Gift
Power Perch is perfect shelf for holding small objects and anything that needs to be plugged in!

Everyone’s talking about the Amazon Echo or Google Home this year. The Power Perch is the perfect shelf for the Amazon Echo! It’s also great for holding other electronics while they charge…such as a phone, electric razor or even your baby monitor. The uses for the Power Perch are endless!

Another holiday gift we love is the Lil Sidekick! Who hasn’t played the Drop Game with their kiddos?! We love that it can attach to any size item from a toy to a small crayon! It’s also dishwasher safe and doubles as a teether.

With holiday parties and family gatherings in full swing, check out the ultra-portable, super easy to carry single handle Hold & Go Slow Cooker. The 5 qt slow cooker features a unique handle which allows you to carry it with one hand (and the baby carrier in the other!). The handle also doubles as a place to hold the lid. We’ve also included several accessories to use with the Hold & Go which will make great stocking stuffers (our favorite is the Sponge Caddy Holder— holds your favorite smiley sponge which is perfect for cleaning the slow cooker crock)!

There are other great holiday gifts inside AND we’ve included a limited time discount on VUSEE, so be sure to check out this fun Holiday Gift Guide!

Happy Holidays!

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