Easy Tips for Babyproofing Your Home


Tips for keeping your little one safe at home

Keeping your little one safe is a top priority and the time has come…it’s time to baby proof your home. While tackling the entire house may seem overwhelming, a good place to start baby proofing would be with electrical hazards. Unfortunately, the sheer amount of electrical hazards you need to search for makes it easy to miss areas that need to be child proofed. It may sound silly, but one of the best ways is to get down on your hands and knees so you can spot hazards from your child’s perspective. While on the ground look for the following:

Potential hazard 1: Hanging cords that loop
Potential hazard 2: Long extension cords
Potential hazard 3: Power strips and electrical outlets that are hidden by furniture
Potential hazard 4: Cords that are an inconvenience if they are unplugged

Once you’ve identified the hazards, how do your reduce or better yet eliminate the hazards to make your home safe for your little one? Please note this list does not cover all your baby’s potential hazards…so if you see something that looks at all dangerous to your child go ahead and child proof it!

Tip 1: Cover any outlets that do not have a plug inside them, extension cords, wall outlets and power strips

Tip 2: Shorten cords that hang down, such as a lamp on an end table, a curious baby will pull on these and end up with a lamp on their head! Ouch!

Tip 3: Secure cords that run along the ground. You can run the cords under the carpet or tack them to the base boards.

Tip 4: Look for plugs you do not want unplugged and SECURE them. Speaking from experience, you baby will be intrigued by the cords and will be a pulling machine!

Tip 5: As for cords attached to window treatments, shorten them, attach plastic covers to the ends and secure them to the wall.

Tip 6: Keep monitor cords AWAY from the baby’s crib. Soon enough your baby will learn to pull him or herself up and expand their reach beyond the crib, ultimately trying to reach for the monitor cord. As recommended by JAMA, keep all monitor cords a minimum of 3 feet from the crib. It’s also recommended to use a baby monitor shelf, such as VuSee, to get the monitor cords away from the crib and potential strangulation.

I hope this tips are helpful. I’d love to hear what additional tips you have for babyproofing your home to keep you little one safe.