Do you Suffer from the Baby Monitor Delimma?

Geral and Levi

Where do we hang the baby monitor?

Gerald Beranek is a husband, a dad and fortunately an inventor. Four weeks before their son was born, Gerald Beranek and his wife encountered a problem of modern-day parenting: where to put the baby monitor.

“Before my son Levi was born, my wife and I were getting the nursery ready and the last thing I had to do was hang the camera for the baby monitor,” Beranek recalled. “I was trying to find the best place for it that would offer the best view of the crib, but I didn’t want to put a screw in the wall.”

Having read about the risk of death by strangulation from baby monitor cords, he also did not want to place the monitor on or near the crib. “I remember thinking, there has to be a better way to do this.”

Beranek, who is a mechanical engineer with product design experience, ultimately used his 3-D printer to solve the dilemma. According to Beranek, he made a quick design of an angled corner shelf, 3-D printed it and hung it using 3M Command strips so it could be removed without damaging the wall.

“When other new parents came to see the baby they all noticed the little shelf holding the baby monitor camera that was stuck in a corner of the nursery and they wanted to know where they could get one,” said Beranek. “So I started printing more on my 3-D printer and began selling the shelf which is now know as VuSee, Universal Baby Monitor Shelf.”

VuSee is manufactured by BeraTek Industries in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Vusee now hangs in more than 15,000 nurseries around the country, including Canada, United Kingdom and Australia.

VuSee is available for purchase on, Amazon, Target, Babies R Us, Buy Buy Baby and Walmart.

“As a dad, I’m happy I can help other moms and dads eliminate the baby monitor dilemma and offer them VuSee as a simple and easy-to-use solution. At the end of the day, it is all about keeping our little ones safe,” said Beranek.