How to Mount VuSee Baby Monitor Mount in Nursery

VuSee is quick and easy to install

VuSee is quick and easy to install in your nursery. VuSee offers three options for mounting to the wall. Which you use will depend on the type of wall you have and the method you’re most comfortable with.

3M Command Strips

The most popular option for mounting the VuSee shelf is with the included 3M Command Strips. When using this method it’s important to first wipe the area with rubbing alcohol. Do not use household cleaners because they can leave a residue that will decrease the strips’ holding power.

While this option is preferable for damage-free installation, there may be some circumstances for which these strips are unsuitable including:

– Wallpaper, dark colored or freshly painted walls (check the paint manufacturer’s instructions for cure time)
– Brick, textured, or certain plaster walls
– An area near a heat source, or in direct sunlight
– Improperly painted or damaged walls
– Monitors that weigh over two pounds
– Installation during hot, humid weather

It’s important to follow all installation instructions carefully and test the shelf before placing your baby monitor on it. The Command Strips cannot be reused so be sure to determine exactly where you want it before applying it to the wall.

VuSee Instructional PDF_page2

Mount with Screws

If your walls aren’t suited for the 3M Strips, the corner VuSee offers you the option of screw slots, and a flexible corner for secure placement and a more permanent hold. Use #8 or #10 drywall screws and fasten into a corner stud to avoid damage to your monitor or walls.

Other Wall Adhesives

If neither of the first two options work for you, there are alternate mounting tapes available. Scotch makes
several different types, including several heavy-duty, permanent ones. Be sure to read the packaging if you’re looking for removable tape and always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installation.

Being a parent is one of the most challenging roles you’ll ever play. That’s why the VuSee team strives
to offer simple, unique products and exceptional service to make your life and those of your family safer,
easier and just all around better.

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